In prevention therapy, the molecular view on the oral microbiome becomes more and more important, due to the fact that environmental attacks harm the body and the immune system constantly and aging reduces the body`s ability to defend itself against the increasing attacks on all levels. If the oral immune system is imbalanced, periodontal inflammation starts and allows pathogens to immigrate into the blood stream and affect other organs. Silent inflammations can cause chronic diseases and accelerate the aging process. Therefore, biostimulation of cell activity is a promising approach to support the body by self-healing mechanisms. Bioptron polarized light therapy is based on the work of the Nobel Prize winning physician Ryberg Finsen, who successfully treated skin and tissue disorders with this technology over 100 years ago.


Bioptron polarized light therapy uses the power of energy of polarized, polychromatic, incoherent, low energy light to biostimulate the mitochondrial activity. It increases the production of ATP and nitric oxide. Faster tissue healing, the reduction of pain and anti-inflammatory effects of Bioptron light therapy are well-documented in scientific literature and enable the clinician to support nearly any surgical treatment with Bioptron therapy, which accelerates the post-operative healing process.

Bioptron light therapy delivers ”cell energy“ up to 30 mm deep into the soft tissues to support biological healing in various fields of medical and regenerative therapy indications as an adjuvant treatment to enhance patient comfort and well-being.


0Bioptron is a medical device, which is successfully used in medicine for over 20 years. Its huge success and constant development make it usable in the field of oral regeneration. It stimulates elastane and collagen production and supports the periodontal regeneration process after clinical therapy in a positive way.

Bioptron can support oral therapies in many ways:

  • periodontal regeneration
  • pain reduction after surgery
  • swelling reduction
  • accelerated regeneration
  • increasing collagen production
  • CMD pain reduction
  • orthodontic pain reduction
  • faster wound healing
  • plaque reduction
  • increasing elastane production


Bioptron supports the functions of the immune system and increases microcirculation and lymphatic activity. As an adjuvant treatment, it reduces pain and stimulates faster healing and regeneration. As a medical device, it can be used professionally in the office or as home treatment after surgery. With only 10 minutes per day, the treatment shows impressive effects, which enriches the medical regeneration therapy and improves patient well-being and healing.


Bioptron light therapy is the ideal adjuvant treatment device for oral anti-aging. It fights oral disease and pathogens and increases regeneration and healing. Also, it reduces swelling and pain after surgery and can be used daily to increase patient outcome and comfort.

With Bioptron, healing and regeneration become a integral part of treatment.