The PPC Seal of Approval – The Mark of Quality for PerioPrevention & Oral Anti-Aging Experts

The PPC Seal of Approval (PerioPrevention & OralAntiAgingCenter) is a sign of quality for strongly prevention-oriented dental practices which possess certification in the field of immunological diagnostic technology.

More than 300 PPCs across Europe use the most advanced saliva diagnostic technology to ensure tooth preservation, implant protection and overall health in the best possible manner.

Automated Immunological Saliva Diagnostics – aMMP-8 ORALyzer

PPC Centers have the unique ability to perform automated saliva diagnostics, the first real-time measurement of oral collagen degradation that permits quantification of the INTENSITY of inflammation-based oral aging. This method is significantly different from standard diagnostics, which focuses on damage measurement and categorization.

Making the invisible visible

– subclinical collagen destruction

Thanks to this, the cyclic destruction of the COLLAGEN of the dental-support structure (periodontium) or the implant-supporting tissue can now be measured directly in the dentist’s office in order to initiate necessary secondary prevention measures, before periodontitis or peri-implantitis develops.

This enables oral aging to be effectively reduced while effectively lowering subsequent risks.

MY Teeth for a lifetime – patient benefits

About two-thirds of all tooth loss is periodontal, with almost 90% of all implant losses due to inflammation.

On average, 40-50% of all teeth have been pulled by retirement age! This is despite the fact that 70-75% of patients visit their dentist 1-2 times annually for a checkup. How is this possible?

Til now, it has not been possible to measure underlying subclinical collagen degradation in real time in order to detect a creeping inflammatory process and to prevent it in time by taking preventive measures (see Barmer Report 2017), which is why leading insurers and service providers (Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (‘KZBV’) in the Fifth German Oral Health Study (‘DMS 5’)) have called for more intensive secondary prevention.

By displaying collagen destruction activity (aMMP-8/ORALyzer) in real time and creating an individual analysis report, the PerioPrevention® concept illustrates to the patient the necessity for preventive measures, in line with his or her needs.

Certified quality management

Focus on prevention

PPCs are characterized by a quality management system

which ensures that practice staff are professionally trained and have extensive experience in early detection diagnostics, and that the requisite processes have been anchored in the dental practice’s QM system.

The seal of approval offers patients valuable guidance in choosing the right partner practice.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Medicine – dentistry

The PPC Seal of Approval is recognized by the leading society for preventive medicine


Together with the GSAAM, an interdisciplinary, collaborative process has been established to promote cooperation between physicians who practice preventive medicine and certified dental practices.

As a result, patients, physicians & dentists benefit from comprehensive diagnosis and therapy whose goal is to preserve general health by avoiding silent inflammation processes.