ORALyzer® – aMMP-8 Digital Reader

Convince with facts: The aMMP-8 Digital Reader Predictive for oral prevention needs analysis

aMMP8 – The “Gold Standard” of predictive diagnostics – the top innovation among digital readers

NEW: The 60-second digital analysis of the aMMP-8 chair-side rapid test – including the qualitative and quantitative analysis result.

The innovative, digital aMMP-8 reader enables you to enter the world of “Predictive Health”. You can have your practice team perform this test, which provides a prognostic evaluation of the subclinical inflammatory process. aMMP-8 is the “gold standard” of prognostic saliva analysis for periodontal tissue degradation. In contrast to the well-known BOP procedure, positive indication by aMMP-8 diagnostics is some 2-3 times more accurate and is reproducible at any time.

Fast, easy and precise: The digital aMMP-8 reader technology.

The quantitative result enables the success of prevention and treatment to be monitored in terms of quality and progress. The analysis report provides the patient with specific insight into potentially additionally required treatment and illustrates his or her current status using a vivid traffic light diagram. This promotes the necessary treatment compliance and strengthens the skillset of the dental hygiene team via the use of reader technology.

aMMP-8-Digital-Reader: ORALyzer®

PerioSafe® Test with the ORALyzer®.

ImplantSafe® Test with the ORALyzer®.

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