aMMP8 in medicine: Your key to interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists

Building the bridge from medicine to dentistry® is the largest interdisciplinary specialist medicine initiative in Europe which has partnered in the effort to implement early detection and prevention of oral inflammation processes. In line with calls by the Federal Association of Dentists (BZÄK) and leading specialist associations for preventive

medicine to join ranks in promoting the prevention of periodontal inflammation processes, an interdisciplinary action alliance has been formed.

Here, we offer you a detailed overview to familiarize yourself with the interdisciplinary network of medical practitioners involved in preventive efforts.
The guiding principle of ”Healthy mouth – Healthy body“ forms the core of our philosophy. Foremost effort always centers on the wellbeing of the patient and maintaining inflammation-free oral and bodily health. This also benefits your practice by offering you the opportunity to expand your preventive services.

® Center:

  • Increase in demand for dental hygiene and revenue
  • Increase recall intensity among implant patients
  • Acquire new preventive-services patients
  • Acquire new implant and recall patients
  • Develop a medical referrer network
  • Cooperation with strong partners from the medical field

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