The ImplantSafe® Check-up: Wake up your ``sleeping`` implant patients and win ``new ones``.

ImplantSafe®?! The implant protection concept for inflammation-free implant retention.

ImplantSafe® – The prevention-need indicator for implants which provides early detection of peri-implant tissue degradation within 5-10 minutes, thus providing the basis for communicating prevention services designed to protect your patients’ implants. The aim of early detection is to increase the intensity of recall intervals in cases of incipient subclinical inflammatory processes in order to avoid the development of peri-implantitis. Early detection and intensive secondary prevention are the pillars of long-term implant management.

The ImplantSafe® Service: The implant protection program for your patients

Today, 8 million Germans with fixed, implant-supported dentures require at least 16 million care and prevention treatments to ensure the inflammation-free preservation of their implants in the long term.

Use our implant protection calculator under “Online Education” to find out how many of your patients need more delegable prevention services to protect their implants and how to establish an implant protection center in your region with aMMP-8 technologies.

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