About us

Dentognostics is a research technology company whose in-vitro diagnostic products are patented worldwide, e.g. for the determination of aMMP-8 inflammatory markers for the analysis of collagenolytic activity in the mouth. We cooperate with strong biotechnology partners such as Qiagen and MedixBioChemica in order to consistently provide our medical and dental customers with innovative and high-performance systems for diagnostics, therapy and care. Our goal is always to preserve, maintain and restore our patients’ natural oral health.

Dentognostics is the developer of the patented aMMP-8 biomarker technology and promotes the “PerioPreventionConcept” and interdisciplinary collaboration between medicine and dentistry worldwide.

The company has been certified according to DIN ISO EN13485:2010 since 2004. Dentognostics supplies its customers and international companies with IVD products that meet the highest quality standards. Dentognostics is part of the Swiss Matrix Biotech AG Group, whose goal is to market modern diagnostic and therapeutic products, and in particular the aMMP-8 rapid tests, worldwide in all therapeutic areas, in cooperation with the respective leading partners.