Better Aging &

Prevention Diagnostics

Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk,

Preventive Medicine Physician

N. R. Nassar,

Reproduction Specialist

Dr. med. dent. H. D. John,


Our mission - prevention is our passion !

Welcome to the public area of ​​the PerioPrevention ® Center website.

Here, you’ll find basic information about the PerioPrevention concept and get an initial overview – in the internal area, this information is delved into in more in-depth manner via videos, webinars and business-oriented background information. You can reach the internal area by requesting your personal online education access.

Who are we? We are a specialist & diagnostic network active Europe-wide and connect medicine and dentistry by using aMMP-8 oral biomarker technology. This enables us to recognize patients suffering from subclinical inflammatory processes in advance and, in the sense of secondary prevention, to treat them early enough to prevent the manifestation of periodontal disease. In close cooperation between medicine and dentistry, our focus is on the holistic view of our patients. Our objectives are:

  • to maintain natural teeth in a mouth free of Inflammation.
  • to protect dental implants from Inflammation.
  • to maintain overall health – minimize silent inflammations.

maintain natural teeth free of inflammation

Avoid periodontitis by regular aMMP-8 early detection and determine individual prevention needs.

Protecting dental implants from inflammation

Early detection of subclinical inflammatory processes and avoid peri-implantitis through early detection and secondary prevention.

Gesundheit zu bewahren - silent inflammations minimieren

Measure subclinical, oral collagen destruction and treat it in an interdisciplinary team. Minimize chronic disease risks and negative interactions.